• MNO 2014

    MNO 2014

    The University Lille 1 will host the Second International Workshop on Metallic Nano-Objects (MNO 2014) from 13th to 14th November 2014.


    PHOTO4E conference, set to take place at IFPEN in Lyon on 15, 16 and 17 October 2014, as part of its Rencontres Scientifique
  • GDR  2014

    GDR 2014

    10-14 juin 2014 - Strasbourg - Réunion annuelle du GDR Nanoalliages
  • PhotopaQ Conf.2014

    PhotopaQ Conf.2014

    PhotopaQ Conf.2014 "Photocatalysis: Science and Application for Urban Air Quality", Lyon from April 15th to 17th 2014 in the framework of the EU LIFE+ project PhotoPAQ.
  • Atmos'Fair 2014

    Atmos'Fair 2014

    Atmos'Fair 2014 : 24 & 25 September 2014

PhotoPAQ Conference 2014

Following the implementation of a European collaborative project (2009-2014) funded by the Life + program, our European consortium wants to organize a conference that aims to do the state of art related to the quality of air in urban areas, methods of active remediation (photocatalysis) and the design of the city of tomorrow. This symposium will be on the border between science application and management the environment in the urban world. This is to facilitate the opening that the request is made.

This meeting aims to bring together researchers from different disciplines (atmospheric chemistry , catalysis, photocatalysis ) , industry and local government representatives . Our project PhotoPAQ invite the international community of researchers as well as policy makers to join us for session to consider a series of actions to improve air quality and the role of Photocatalysis The meeting will consist of discussions. In addition, we will have a poster session where other participants can present their studies.

Please download the detailled programme and the Abstracts

This conference is not only to account for the different phases of our experiments but also to influence environmental policies related to the use or not of these active techniques. So this conference is built as a tool for communication and education dedicated to political and civil society and policy makers.

Please find the presentation





Dr. Michael R. Hoffmann

M. Crispino


Falk Mothes et al.

Durability Performance of Photocatalytic Concrete in Cold Climates



Boonen Elia, Beeldens Anne

C.L. Bianchi, G. Cerrato, V. Capucci, F. Minozzi


J. Kleffmann, The PhotoPAQ-Team



A laboratory study on the removal of atmospheric NOx using TiO2 coated concrete surface

D. Hu, V. Daële, H. Chen, M. Cazaunau, B. Grosselin, A. Mellouki

C. Minero


Formation of Formaldehyde (HCHO) on Photo-Catalytic Cementitious
Surfaces: Results from the PhotoPAQ Project

R. Kurtenbach, The PhotoPAQ-Team

Krysa J. , Hepburn J. , Baudys M. and Mills A

Jianmin Chen

Photocatalytic NO Degradation: Mechanistic Aspects and Determination of the Photocatalytic Deposition Velocity

Detlef W. Bahnemann


B. R’Mili, A. Boréave, B. D’Anna, M.N. Tsampas, A. Meme, N. Charbonne, L. Retailleau-Mevel, M. Leblanc2, S. Zinola2, S. Raux, P. Vernoux

Efficient Pollution Control via Gas Phase Advanced Oxidation

Matthew S. Johnson et al.


Light-duty vehicle hydrocarbon emission factor measurements from tunnel study in Brussels city center

JF Doussin and the PhotoPAQ team

Numerical modelling results for the abatement of air pollution in urban areas within
the frame of the LIFE+ PhotoPAQ project

Fotios Barmpas, Vassilis Akylas and Nicolas Moussiopoulos


Alyson M. Baergen† and D. J. Donaldson

M. Lampimäki, S. Schreiber, V. Zelenay, A. Krepelová, R. Chang, H. Bluhm, Z. Liu, and M. Ammann


Hugo Destaillats

Wei Nie et al


Photocatalytic degradation of NO2 on indoor paint: The influence of the size and quantity of TiO2 nanoparticles

Vincent BARTOLOMEI et al.


New photocatalytic cementitious coating materials in the building sector.

Giuseppe Manganelli,Tiziana De Marco, Luca Bottalico, Gian Luca Guerrini


Please download the posters